'Keep Your Head in the Clouds', Hand cut and sandblasted glass vase with internal blown glass landscape, 320 x 200mm, #3, 2013

'Keep Your Head in the Clouds' is an edition of three, 1/3 (Bell) & 2/3 (Fitzgerald)

"...."Keep Your Head in the Clouds" declares Moxham's sculpture, a statement of personal endeavour, but also perhaps implying Bergson's theories on perception of memory as akin to a condensing cloud slowly coming into focus, "from the virtual state it passes into the actual". Indeed Moxham's work extends this concept, going there and back again, from virtual (idea) to actual (line) and back to virtual in the transparency of the glass..." 

James Paratii Lainchbury- September 2013

'Keep Your Head in the Clouds' may be a floaty, dreamy ideal; delicately floating in space and transparency- but its creation is deliberately the opposite; "Dream, but you'll work hard to do so" is Moxham's underlying message.

The glass is hand masked, drawn onto and then hand cut. Moxham chooses to create these works this way and not to employ technology, as the meditative artistic investment is an integral part of the artwork. 

'Twelve', Hand cut and etched glass double glazed window. Commission work for a personalised 'number' of villa

Anna Campion & David Hazlett, Thorndon- Wellington, 2012

'Regina' - Luxury Balsamic Liqueur Wine

Moxham was invited to create a unique logo and labelling/ bottle concept for Waiwera Organic Winery's Regina wine.

Moxham's signature cursive, twisted font and glass etching complemented the unique vintage- creating a distinctive brand identity and a bottle that has a look and feel all of it's own.

All three bottle designs were produced. A limited edition were handcrafted, wax stamped, packaged and numbered.

A box set was created for Waiwera as a gift to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their visit to New Zealand in April 2014.

80 x 330mm, 2014, 24 bottles produced

Waiwera Organic Winery

Photography Sean Aickin Photography

'Cluster Fuck', Hand cut and sandblasted glass plate- can be suspended. 610 x 310mm, 2014, 1/1 (McArthur).

Projected shadow is photographed.

'Out of the Dog Box', Hand cut and sandblasted glass vase, 200 x 320mm, 1/1, 2014