'Indelible' Enamel, hand painted wooden vase, 150 x 200mm, 2011, 1/1 (Nevett/ Morrison)


'Only Warmth Heals', Acrylic and wool crochet blanket, 1520 x 1520mm, 1/1, 2016


'What We Worship', Digital collage from Instagram, 2492 x 2566mm, 2015-18

'Bedlam #1', Paper embossing, inks, gouache, wax signature, 2014, 488 x 305mm 

'Bedlam #2', Embossing, inks, gouache, wax signature, 2014, 488 x 305mm 

'Bedlam #3', Embossing, inks, gouache, wax signature, 2014, 488 x 305mm, (McArthur)

'Bedlam' is a triptych of three embossed paintings. They have the image of 'Meld' pressed into the paper which creates texture from the imagery of octopus tentacles and fisherman's knots. Over the raised texture, ink and paint creates a storm and fog, both revealing and concealing details.

The octopus is a highly intelligent and mysterious creature of the deep. Moxham became fascinated with these creatures alongside fisherman knots; an art form in themselves. Octo release ink as a defence mechanism and strategy to confuse their attackers- panic, performance, self portraiture, movement, family commitments, revelations, perspective, pressure, mess & muddle, expectations and layers are themes and points of note within these artworks. In these images the fluidity of marks combined with complex illiustrations create a strong sense of movement and enhance or hide features within the ink bombs. Infants hands and feet sprout at angles from the entanglement- either caught by accident in the mass or trying to escape from the confusion. In these three works, Moxham is expressing the intensity of working though concepts and puzzles; the unique complexities each of these have, and the kinetics this entails.

"When I create, I need to play, get back to being a kid in the sandpit of life with materials and out in my environment. I don't overthink letting loose and giving things a try. I love challenging my brain and perceptions of what I can and can't do. If it feels good, and even if it doesn't- explore it I say. I love surprising myself, and find this process immensely rewarding. Every day, everything is different- I see each morning as a chance for growth and reinvention. Life can be extraordinary challenging but there are always answers, sometimes it just takes a bit of time to get clarity"

The embossed seal imprints a calm formality to the active image and fits the reduced colour palette and Oriental aesthetic. Like a full stop in blood, the stamps imprint each image with formality and as individual expressions from Moxham's heart.

Tattoo design incorporating existing dragonfly, 2015, (S. Sullivan)

'T.I.M.E', gilded and embossed business cards, 80 x 55mm, 2014

These are by far my most favourite artworks, because if you have received one of these, then we have spent time together and enjoyed each other's company. To me that is the greatest art we can ever make. Plus in this age of digital and phantasmic communication, isn't it nice to have something tangible and beautiful to remind us of people, places and experiences? I love remembering mine and take joy in knowing these golden cards are floating around the world on their own trajectories- if only I could attach a camera to each one and see what they get up to!

  'Contemplation' , Gouache, ink, acrylic, glow-in-the-dark, lazercut adhesive vinyl, metallic enamel on blank skateboard, 2008

'Contemplation', Gouache, ink, acrylic, glow-in-the-dark, lazercut adhesive vinyl, metallic enamel on blank skateboard, 2008

'Greece & New Zealand Unite', Commission drawing for Kim & Jonny's wedding and wedding stationary, 2015

'Sometimes The Day is Just Two Sizes Too Small', Enamel, watercolour and ink, 1350 x 1030mm framed, 1/1, 2012

'Creative Heart', Enamel, gouache & ink on blank skateboard, 2011

'.88', Embossed paper, ink and wax signature, 2014, 305 x 488mm, Commission work for PosBoss

'Dream Fucking BIG', Gouache, felt, ink and glitter on NY City Map

Commission for 5 Boroughs restaurant and diner, Marjorybanks St, Mt Victoria, Wellington, NZ, (image) 810 x 575mm, 2014

'H.R.H Horror', scraper-board and gouache pigment, 2006. "Karma police, arrest this girl, her Hitler hairdo, Is making me feel ill, and we crashed her party" - Radiohead off their 1997 release 'Ok Computer', 2002

'Concrete Playground', Digitally printed nylon polyester, hand painted with glitter, 2006, (Wilton/ DuPoint)

'Meld', Black paper embossing, wax seal, 2014, 370 x 350mm

A small selection of Graphic Design projects