'Love Cuts Deep', Bronze and flame glass (stand), 2013, 140 x 310mm (when in stand), 'Love Cuts Deep' was an edition of three.

‘Love Cuts Deep’ balances in seemingly fragile glass, appearing to be on the cusp of implosion; dense darkness penetrating downwards through light transparency. The glass envelops and supports, looking as though it flexes to encase the contrasting material. Both components are as if caught mid-step in a dance- completely reliant on each other to sustain their positions. Within the handles of the scissors, small hands grasp and feed one completed side towards each other, while another pair are separated and reach outstretched; close but on different trajectories even if they did manage to bridge the distance between themselves. Representing the artist and a partner at the time, the pairs of hands portray a desire and a reality; the yearning for balance, solace and to be nurtured versus the reality of life paths splitting in different directions. 

Opposing factors of incomplete components, blemishes and bumps, contradictions and juxtapositions enable the scissors to express a beautiful and powerful strength, calm and poise- these attributes contributing to the grace where they sit suspended as a whole. The sculpture asks the viewer to consider completion in the incomplete; perfection in the imperfect and hidden strength in what may first appear to be delicate.

Moxham's creations often deal with themes of connection, emotion, juxtaposition, feelings, impressions and love- the kernels of existence; energy and expression. This insightful yet engaging creation portrays the artist's depth and compassion for the complex and difficult. 


'Love Cuts Deep' was the first time that Moxham had ever sculpted or used wax to create 3D form. It was the introduction to a process and material she would fall in love with and explore further in following artworks. 

$3500 NZD

Glass work manufactured in partnership with Grant Franklin 

Bronze cast with Jonathan Campbell at Created and Cast Bronze

Photography Sean Aickin Photography 

'Mother’s Love', Hand painted letters of Moxham’s daughter’s name ‘Adira’, Humbrol enamel, 460 x 110 x 18mm (when lined up), Unique, 2019.

- Spot the difference in the photos :)

‘Keep Your Head in the Clouds', Hand cut and sandblasted glass vase with internal blown glass landscape, 320 x 200mm, #3, 2013

'Keep Your Head in the Clouds' is an edition of three.

Keep Your Head in the Clouds” declares Moxham’s sculpture, a statement of personal endeavour, but also perhaps implying Bergson’s theories on perception of memory as akin to a condensing cloud slowly coming into focus, “from the virtual state it passes into the actual”. Indeed Moxham’s work extends this concept, going there and back again, from virtual (idea) to actual (line) and back to virtual in the transparency of the glass...
— James Paratii Lainchbury- September 2013

'Keep Your Head in the Clouds' may be a floaty, dreamy ideal; delicately floating in space and transparency- but its creation is deliberately the opposite; "Dream, but you'll work hard to do so" is Moxham's underlying message.

The glass is hand masked, drawn onto and then hand cut. Moxham chooses to create these works this way and not to employ technology, as the meditative artistic investment is an integral part of the artwork. 

$3000 NZD

'Indelible', Enamel, hand painted wooden vase, 150 x 200mm, 2011, 1/1

$1000 NZD

'Gratification', Bronze, 2014, 1/1, 245 x 50mm

'Gratification' encapsulates concepts of opposition; push/ pull, life paths, choices, action and reaction, fluidity and etiquette.

The twisted words 'Thank You' are carved with channels flowing around them like pebbles on a riverbed. Looking like a small rolling pin, Moxham is both referencing notions of domesticity and duty, and the actions of flattening & pressing; repeating and imprinting.

'Gratification's' conception and creation has paralleled a significant period of growth, change and reflection. Initial inspiration came from Oriental finger traps and Buddhist Vajra; weapons that were used as ritual objects symbolising both the properties of diamonds (indestructibility) and thunderbolts (irresistible force). In Moxham's version there are helping hands departing from the undulating complexity of the cyclinder.

One hand is outstretched but relaxed- almost waiting for a caress or to have something placed in it. The other is clenched and advertising to be picked up- the hitchhikers thumb- or is it saying 'A OK'?..

$2500 NZD

Bronze cast with Jonathan Campbell at Created and Cast Bronze

Photography Sean Aickin Photography


'Helix', Bronze, Soda glass, 2014, 200 x 150mm, 1/1


Moxham's sculptures are like artefacts from an enchanted world; in this creation all of Moxham's recognisable mediums are employed. 

'Helix' is like a fortune telling orb, although seeming to twist and expand. The glass appears to inflate and support the metal coil which is curled around it. As with other works of Moxham's, there is a strong sense of confined energy that seems to be on the precipice of release.

The words 'Duel Integrity' are etched around the glass. The glass is blown through a bronze coil arm that twists upwards towards an outstretched hand about to grasp forwards. The hand's fingers are in carpal movement- the unique ability humans have to be able to touch finger to thumb, which differentiates us from primates. Concepts of the evolutionary scale and our unique ability to combine thought, emotion, sense and creation are encapsulated in this.

'Helix' articulates through form, the aspiration of success with ambition. Titled in reference to the scientific term for a curve in 3D space, helices are the structure of DNA and biology- as is creativity to human endeavour. As with DNA helices, both the glass and the bronze are playing supporting roles in the form and function of the sculpture.

'Duel Integrity' refers to the balance and latitude that is required when forging forwards with dreams and aspirations; making choices and decisions with decorum, intellect & rationale.

$4500 NZD

Glass manufactured in partnership with Lyndsay Patterson of Chronicle Glass

Bronze cast with Jonathan Campbell at Created and Cast Bronze

Photography Sean Aickin Photography


'Regina' - Luxury Balsamic Liqueur Wine

Moxham was invited to create a unique logo and labelling/ bottle concept for Waiwera Organic Winery's Regina wine.

Moxham's signature cursive, twisted font and glass etching complemented the unique vintage- creating a distinctive brand identity and a bottle that has a look and feel all of it's own.

All three bottle designs were produced. A limited edition were handcrafted, wax stamped, packaged and numbered.

A box set was created for Waiwera as a gift to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their visit to New Zealand in April 2014.

80 x 330mm, 2014, 24 bottles produced

'Cluster Fuck', Hand cut and sandblasted glass plate- can be suspended. 610 x 310mm, 2014, 1/1

Projected shadow is photographed.

$1800 NZD

'Out of the Dog Box', Hand cut and sandblasted glass vase, 200 x 320mm, 1/1, 2014

$1800 NZD

'Twelve', Hand cut and etched glass double glazed window. Commission work for a personalised 'number' of villa.

Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand, 2012