Moxham's creative passion has a voracious appetite when it comes to gastronomy.

Her masterpieces use ingredients from her garden and locally sourced elements. Moena loves making all the basics from scratch herself ie: butter, bread, cheeses, chocolate, ice-cream, pastry and yoghurt; and takes delight in sharing her creations with family and friends. She's as happy sourcing goodies in heels and a gourmet deli as diving for paua and kina, foraging for herbs and veggies, using offal or fishing for Blue Cod. Seasonality plays a huge part in Moxham's cuisine and she cooks to her comforts.

"Buy local, make your basics and always buy the best quality you can afford". Her secret to great baking and fine kai?- "... eat what you crave & only ever cook with love." 

Moena delights in collecting and creating recipes which she diligently handwrites into her cooking books. At the bottom of the page are a selection of Moxham's favourites which she shares with you- click to enlarge. 

Plaited Herb Loaf

Deconstructed Rose Cheesecake

Raspberry & Octopus Salad

Watermelon & Procuitto Salad

'Shroom Porridge w/ Chèvre

Seared Tuna | NZ Bluff Oysters

Black Sesame Truffles

Killa Scotch Eggs w/ Fennel Salad

Laab & Sour Plum Quenelles



Thai Pumpkin Soup w/ Cheese Crisps

Cauliflower Pizza w/ White Anchovies

Rhubarb Shortcake

Zucchini Noodles w/ Wild Pork

Feijoa Upside-down Cake

Prawn & Avocado Rice Paper Rolls

Sticky Caramel Pudding

Steamed Pistachio | Banana Cake

Pork Belly & Miso Beans

Yo- Yo's

Pistachio Loaf

Spring Asparagus & Cheese Quiche

Beef Rendang

Coconut | Caramel Date Sticky-Cake

Fresh Cherry Almond Loaf

Azerbaijani Khingal

Cherry Bakewells aka ‘Tittie Cakes’

Pork Porterhous w/ Saba Reduction

Peach Mascapone Torte

Ethiopian Doro Wat & Atkilt

Scones w/ Cream & Apricot Jam

Chocolate Babka

Marinated Cashew Mozzarella Balls

Marinated Cashew Mozzarella Balls

Winter Roast Veges

Winter Roast Veges

Saag Paneer

French Meatloaf & Moroccan Salad

Flounder w/ Waiheke Herb Butter

Vegetable Quiche

Greek Honey Cake

Just Caught! Blue Cod & Aoili

Lambs-fry & 'Nomato' Sauce

Spicy Tomato Soup w/ Avocado

Fried Apple Cinnamon Haloumi

King Crown Grilled Cheese

New Season Asparagus w/ Butter

Citrus Fudge

Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Marble Loaf

Roasted Grape Almond Cake

Lavender & Apricot Babycakes

Pumpkin Pie w/ Pecan Pastry

Smoked Salmon | Seaweed Risotto

Adira’s ‘ONE-th’ Birthday Cake

Salmon Hors D'oeuvres

Thyme Pastry Ricotta & Spinach Bites

แกง w/ Kiwiberries

Blackberry Babycakes w/ Port Glaze

Chewy Coffee Chocolate Ma Higgins

Hot Artichoke Dip w Fried Bread

Raw Blueberry & Rose Cheesecakes

Raw Blueberry & Rose Cheesecakes

Date & Dutch Chocolate Bliss Balls

Date & Dutch Chocolate Bliss Balls

Chilli Snapper & NY Cheesecake

Toblerone Mudcake

Sushi & Karage

Wairarapa Herb Crusted Tuna Steaks

Moroccan Carrot & Date Salad

Lemon Tart

Strawberry Frangipagne Tart

Stuffed Japapenos

Toffee Brittle & Choc Brownie

Chilli Chocolate Baby-Cakes

Valentine Berry Frangipagne

Kumera Disks w/ Spicy Tuna

Bircher Meusli

NZ Alpine Salmon Gravlax

Roast Sardines w/ Kumera & Roots

Thyme & Honey Sponge


Fresh Raspberry & Rose Water Cake

Adira’s ‘ONE-th’ Celebratory Nosh

Ham off the bone | Gruyere | Chutney

NZ Venison w/ Lime Zucchini & Soba

‘Better Than Vogels’ Loaf

Chocolate Truffles

Homemade LCM Bars

The Legendary Ginger Loaf

Mini Blueberry & Rose Cheesecakes

Mini Blueberry & Rose Cheesecakes

Philippine High Tea

Philippine High Tea


Monster Mash & Gravy Volcanoes

Coconut Cake w/ Vanilla Mascapone

Quattro Fromage Tourte

Smoked Paprika Haloumi Chips

Prawns w/ Snow Peas

Blue Cod Cerviche

Winter Pecan & Raspberry Porridge

Cannellini Bean & Parmesan Salad

Homemade Choc Cashew Truffles

Crispy Skin Salmon & Beetroot Salad

Ricotta Pancakes

Key Lime Pie

Orange & Cinnamon Cake

Mini ‘Queen of Hearts’

Beef & Lime Soba Noodles

Salted Honey & Chai Babycakes

Choc Chip Ice-cream Sandwich

Blackberry Crumble

Russian Blini w/ Smoked Salmon

Paua Ravioli

Lime Custards w/ Lychee

Stuffed Squid w/ Pork & Lemongrass

Lemon Cake w/ Buttercream Icing

Stuffed Eggplant Rollatini

Snow Bars

Snow Bars

Blackberry Chia Porridge w/ Kefir

Blackberry Chia Porridge w/ Kefir