Steph Lusted! Ta-daaa!

Steph Lusted is one of the most hard working and talented artists I know.

I have followed her work since I was a teenager and have recently had the pleasure to be able to say that one of my idols has become a friend.

Steph’s work transcends the boundaries of normal jewelry and adornment. I love the way she mixes and juxtaposes themes and traditions to create thought provoking, yet still beautiful pieces.

Her execution and skill is meticulous as well as broad. Pieces are completely thought through, not only in themselves but also in their presentation and packaging.

I first came across Steph’s resin encased insects in the ‘Crème de la Crème’ series and was fascinated by them. I enjoyed how the black, graphic butterflies we framed in sugar coated colored frames- like a Nana had snuck into the museum drawers, stolen her favorites and ‘prettied them up’ so she could wear them on her shawl. The subject matter is arresting; out of kilter a notch and a little left of center- just how I like my art!

‘Ama Vitam’ (Dutch for ‘Love Life’) is out of this world. I used to visit Avid gallery often in Wellington to marvel at this incredible work.

Below is a selection of my favorite’s- although there isn’t one thing Steph has created which isn’t fantastic!

'Ama Vitam'  

'The Green Fairy'

Absinthe has been an inspiration for artists throughout history from Vincent van Gogh to Oscar Wilde.
This alchoholic delicacy historically contained the herb Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood),
often connected to dark imagery, or visions out of the ordinary.
I am intrigued by rituals associated with objects, jewellery or otherwise.
These objects have significant sentimental value which comes from playing a part in a ceremony.

'Medical Implements'

'Creme de la Creme'