Yogis and NOSH

A wee foodie blog delivery this evening after I was nattering on at dinner about the sugar free treats I had made today. Super easy stuff- and this combo uses up ingredients over multiple tasty treats.

Roast Cashew Butter, Raw Chocolate Cashew Reeces PiecesCoconut & Strawberry Popsicles...  oOOoo and the salad to rule them all Grainy Goat (I can't face calling it "Superfood-something-something" soz), and the all time favourite- Watercress Soup ta-daaaa!

This post goes out to the amazing yogi lady-babes in my life and highlights a very special one- who not only is an incredible teacher, intellect and person but is also a hellova expertise in vino (wine to ya'll)- drum rollllllllll!- Elissa Jordan  ^=^

Elissa Jordan Yoga

Elissa Jordan Yoga

Winey Little Bitch

Winey Little Bitch

You can catch Elissa's yoga class schedule and share her passion for imparting the gift of a 'little bit o' quiet' here at Elissa Jordan and her wine website here at Winey Little Bitch.

Roast Cashew Butter

raw cashews
flakey sea salt
Pics Peanut Oil 

Choose a flat-bottomed container, such as a quiche dish — ceramic is best (the sides of the nuts in contact with metal may darken faster than the rest). Heat the oven to 165° C (325° F) oven, and then place the container in the oven to heat for a few minutes. Then fill it with a single layer of nuts, so they will roast more evenly.

Roast the nuts on a middle rack, away from bottom heat, for about 20 minutes, taking the dish from the oven every 5 mins to shake (rattle & roll) — until they reach a pale golden color. (Taken much further, the roast flavors hide the cashew ones.)

Cool the nuts at least 15 minutes. If you don’t wait, the interiors of the hot nuts, particularly if you hurry the roast in a hot oven, will be strangely soft.

Blitz the c%$p out of them in a blender with a drizzle of Pics Peanut Oil (teeny tiny at a time) and pinches of sea salt until you reach your favorite consistency and saltiness.

Set aside for the Reeces Pieces if you can keep away...!

Raw Chocolate Cashew Reeces Pieces

1/2 cup raw cacao butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup raw cacao powder

really small pinch of stevia powder or 1 tsp malt syrup
2 Tbsp coconut cream
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp cinnamon
flakey sea salt
1 greased (with coconut oil) flexi chocolate mould/ tray

Gently melt the cacao butter in a small pot, take off heat and add the coconut oil, stevia (or sweetener) & cacao powder. Spoon enough into the bottoms of the mould cups to fill 2mm or so. Pop in the freezer for 5 mins till set.

Spoon teaspoon dollops of Cashew Butter on top of the set chocolate.

Add the cayenne pepper, cinnamon & coconut cream to the remaining raw chocolate. Mix and then spoon over the butter  to just below the top of the moulds. Sprinkle with sea salt and set in freezer for 15 mins.

Pop out of moulds and keep in the fridge as they melt at room temperature. YUM!

Coconut & Strawberry Popsicles

400ml can Coconut Cream (-2 Tbsp if you did the previous recipe)
small pinch of stevia powder or 1 tsp malt syrup
1/3 cup chunky thread coconut
1/2 cup frech strawberries, chopped
ice-block moulds

Blitz the coconut cream, stevia and the thread coconut in the blender for a blast till combined.

Pour into the moulds 1/2 way. Freeze for 1/2 an hour.

Plop the strawberries into the remaining coconut cream mixture and give a quick blast.

Pour on top of the cream to top of mould- slot in the sticks and wait to set.

Go get hot and bothered and come back and enjoy a little of all the above.

Grainy Goat 

1 cup brown rice/ quinoa mix
1/2 cup israeli couscous
1/2 tsp olive oil
coloured ground peppercorns
1 lemon- zested and squeezed
flakey sea salt
1/2 cup shelled edamame soy beans
2 1/2 cup mixed snow peas, broccoli, beans, peas (can be frozen)
good handful of baby rocket and/or chopped iceberg lettuce
chopped itallian or curly parsley
2 stalks of celery- chopped
1/2 cup roasted unsalted almonds roughly smashed
1/4 cup Craisins (raisin/ cranberry hybrid goodies with 50% less sugar!)
a slug of Hemp Seed oil &/or Pics Peanut Oil
a decent crumble of goats feta
more ground pepper/ lemon juice to taste

Cook rice/ quinoa to packet instructions- while absorbing stick the frozen veggies in with lid on top.

Heat oil, ground pepper and pinch of salt with the israeli couscous- gently colour couscous- add cold water until 3cm above top, simmer 5 mins or until nearly double in size and mostly absorbed. Turn off heat and let expand/ soak remaining liquid.

In a big bowl add grains and all the other ingredients minus the goat.

I divide heaped cups into zip locks and freeze for other meals- should get at least 4 servings from above.

To serve crumble goatie on top, squeeze extra lemon and crack dem peppers!

Watercress Soup 

1 Tbsp Ghee
1 onion, finely chopped
1/2 medium fennel bulb
Celery top (I chop the top part off the bunch so it fits in the fridge & stick it in the freezer for this wee recipe)
1L fresh Chook (chicken) stock
1.5L water
2-3 bags/ bunches/ small plants of watercress- chopped and big stems taken out
salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
dollop of unsweetened yoggie for serving

(Big ups to Miss Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar for this number. Check it OUT- there are soon many goodies on this site, including more fantastic recipes)

Heat the ghee in a BIG saucepan over a low heat. Saute the onion until soft, add the celery and the fennel- cook until glassy. Add the stock and the water. Bring to the boil, turn down and simmer 10 mins.

Add the watercress, season with salt and pepper, add the cumin and cayenne and stir for 3 mins.

Remove from the heat and puree using a wand blender.

Fill sink with cold water and ice (or I drop in freezer blocks) and sit the pot in there until soup cools. This keeps the bright green colour- and well hell, we need pretty soup in our lives!

I ladle portions into zip locks and freeze. Can be eaten hot or cold. Super tasty with fresh rice paper rolls  ^+^