EXEMPLARY: Teshima, Inujima, Naoshima and orbit changing art

The islands of Teshima, Inujima and Naoshima have changed my orbit. It's an experience that in no ways can be given justice in any other expression than just being here. Get on a plane and come; if it's the only thing you do; the only 'galleries' you ever visit.. do these- especially Teshima Art Museum.

For 16 years I have been searching for the pieces I have found here.  

The photos below are such a fraction of the happenings- the feeling, the presence and the pace can't be captured and shared, but I can enthusiastically encourage you to come by sharing some of the background on these works by clicking the pictures. Naoshima was my base and then I travelled around from there. Inujima is the lesser known of the islands, but I implore you to strike your own path and make the trip ;)

Teshima Art Museum is the creative visions of Artist Rei Naito and architect Ryue Nishizawa and has slotted in by far clearing the line as my ultimo favourite artwork and masterpiece. NUMBER 1. It is the most exquisite execution of Art...

Teshima Art Museum

"Les Archives du Cœur", by Christian Boltanski needs special mention as well. 'The Heart Room' is an installation of a collection of heartbeats. Boltanski has collected these from around the world. You can even add your own to the artwork. Incredibly moving, and sensationally evocative, it is situated in the most idilic of environments in a picture perfect beach and bay. 



Below: Yayoi Kusama's infamous spotted pumpkins

Dormitory Kowloon, Naoshima- this accommodation is SUPERB- cheap, kitted out with the basics, but comfy and attracts a super duper cool crowd. Just head straight ahead next to the karaoke bar from the ferry terminal toooo ^^

Miyanoura Wharf, Naoshima Island

Chichu Art Museum.. and below

Chichu Art Museum.. and below

There is a wonderful page about Lee Ufan and his work at the Artsy page HERE

Benesse House Museum

Bruce Nauman, '100 Live and Die', 1984- Benesse House, Naoshima

Below: I♥湯 - Naoshima Bath, ohhh soooo gooood!



Inujima Seirensho Art Museum is a museum that preserves and reuses the remains of a copper refinery on the island. Based on the concept of using the existing to create the yet-to-be, the project brings together architecture by Hiroshi Sambuichi, which makes use of the existing smokestacks and karami bricks from the refinery and uses solar, geothermal, and other natural energies to reduce the burden on the environment, and art by Yukinori Yanagi, which uses Yukio Mishima, who sounded warnings over aspects of Japan's modernization, as a motif. The building also employs a sophisticated water purification system that makes use of the power of plants. The project truly embraces the concept of a recycling-based society as a model for a new type of regional revitalization through industrial heritage, architecture, art, and the environment.

In combination with this are other installations and Art House projects around the island.


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