Get it ON!

There are so many exciting things fizzing and popping around I thought I would share a few!...

My Dad has been doing some SERIOUSLY epic day trips in and around the Wairarapa. It's our favourite stomping ground to ride and he is turfing big time, running in his new BMW GS.

To the left are the routes he has knocked off and above, a gallery of cool photos he has taken on these adventures.

It's genetic.    xx   ^=^

Moto-racer Guy Martin took the NZ born Britten motorbike for a blast on the 23rd of December at Manfield. When I meet with him he said it was a "magic carpet ride"- have a wee squiz for yourself... One hell of a bike, one hellova story about how it got made..... one AWESOME paint job!

Getting ready for Wings Over Wairarapa this weekend I came accross this fabbo vid about Guy getting in on making a replica of the Spitfire MK.1..... 

Yvonne Todd- Creamy Phycology

Currently running at City Gallery Wellington and it is just sooo so good. It's kooky, disarming and subconsciously armed towards those chunky topics of identity, body image and the complexity of feminism.

VID: This Doco on the incredible Annie Leibovitz is superb. BOOK: I loved Ozeki's latest offering. A tale entwined in Japan and British Colombia.. how appropriate!!  ;D