Sculpture On The Gulf- Waiheke, Auckland

On Wednesday I was up in Auckland to receive my USA visa and decided to pop over to Waiheke to meet galleries and take some time to appreciate and enjoy NZ Summer at it's best.

I was three days to early for this amazing event- but as I was on the ferry I decided to be cheeky and attend early ;) I'm very glad I did so, as I had the pleasure to meet the artists in person and take my time meandering around the artworks. Mighty inspiring!

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Jeff Tomson

Jane & Mario Downes


Paul Radford

Sueng Yul Oh - This was BRILLIANT and very effective especially from a distance. What you experienced up close, was this cool stretchy synthetic sound that went with the movement!


I loved this work by Suji Park.

Up close the detail was so striking and like a archaeological site from an LSD tripped alien. 

Click to see more detail in the photos ;)

Anah Dunsheath

Meeting Brydee Rood was a treat. Her installation had a very oriental feel with the wheelie bins slammed up with gold and silver foil. Her work talked about the desecration of native fauna by domestic land clearance. We have all seen the wheelie bins pilled high with garden waste on a Monday morning after 'doing the gardening' on the weekend- but are we considering the implications of our good intentioned actions?

Audrey Boyle

Veronica Herber's piece was stunning from afar and up close. I climbed the big pohutakawa and viewed from above this engaging piece which from the ferry looked like a target on the hillside.

#8 Wire mentality...

Virginia King

Elin & Keino

Elin & Keino

I was spoilt to meet Robert Jahnke & Joshua Campbell by their latest sculpture. I have always loved Spinning Top that resides in Woodward St, Wellington so it was pretty special to have the opportunity to talk with both Robert and Joshua in person.

Robert Jahnke & Joshua Campbell

Scott Eady

I'm sorry- it had to be done...  tehehe

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