Truth is like poetry, and no-one fucking likes poetry.
— The Big Short

Ahem.. lol.. Hehe 🙊




Within my chrysalis 

I spin 

gossamer threads 


visual proposition

lining and embellishing 

my dressing room and

creating what next I will 


Intimately portraying

the finest details





performing matinee 

dress rehearsals

learning lines

My intuition

glowing at

hum frequency 

Changing hue;

trying contrasting options

like shoes

until the glass slipper fits

and it is time for 

Show Time

emerging for the next 

star performance





Cells splitting

a binary existence 

at molecular level

one becomes




and reflected through


our twins

magnetise and collect

around us

assimilated through adoration


We connect 

we covet

and pursue

the yin to yang

Female to male

not of outward manifestation

but of exuberance

Parallel continuation


Phycological behaviour;

our internal appearance

emotional orientation 

mirrored in enchantment

the most powerful 


humanly procurable


Projection of devotion in 


We summon our

souls amplification 

towards us




Trying to keep an

even keel

as jitters

want to play 

tricks on me

Eyes on the horizon


Squeezing perception in and out

like a jellyfish moving

only getting 

tighter and sharper

until I buckle

Trying to release the pressure valve


Drive the bow through the wave 

rather than sinking 


to lie

still and prostate

watching the remaining 





Incrementally components of new much-bigger-than-art projects are coming into focus, and I am excited to orchestrate them into fruition. Moena Moxham and my publicised creative endeavours are only a select portion of projects I have worked on, and new concepts in many different fields are sometimes years in assembly. Everything is about timing, and finding the right piece or person for the particular construction of that project; sometimes this takes events to accumulate before an essential part is revealed. 

Often I look back and reflect on how things can click together, how overtime roadblocks are never as they seem, and that there is no such thing as a set back. Every single ‘set back’ in my life has brought revelations, growth and productivity, and with it, honest reflection that really, at that point it was abso-bloody-lutely necessary to have that happen because the timing was not right. I was not right at that point, there was something I needed to experience or learn. 

Every day, in every way, we are better and better- and it is a progressive revolution.

I fascinates me in this age how quick we are to assume that people expose and promote every detail about themselves- we have become quicker than ever to make assumptions and allocations based on visual media, constructed information and sourced opinion. I don't require media attention or publicity in order to select or create my ideas. If anything, quite the opposite- I am immersed in the things I am doing because I am passionate about them and because it matters to myself and those involved. To me, privacy and respecting somebody without having to summarise them is a very wonderful and magical part of human interaction. Embracing the unknown allows for surprise, and nothing is ever what it seems from the outside. It is so dangerous to summarise- change is the only constant and most human opinions are projections of negative . This progressive revolution requires by absolute, that no person, experience or sensory incident can be exactly repeated- if ego is locked into thinking you know what will happen, all cumulative development is missed. However, humans have to summarise in order to select how to advance, but in my experience, fluid calculations built on heart, on intuition and on instinctive body language not appearance, money or status, makes some rather fantastic and incredible things occur. 

So leaving you in a haze of mystery and a tantalising drift to the precipice of what is to come next, here is a poem and story special to me, and from the inner workings of my mind. 

I read this story at my Grandfather Gibby’s funeral, and as I have shared before, he was a luminary to not only myself and my family, but to those he helped and saved over his surgical career and encountered in every day life. It is a story of hope, of simplicity and of grace; and it brings me much joy and happiness when I think of it, as to me it is the essence of existence. It is how my grandfather lived, and it is how I aspire to. Every moment we make impressions into the sand of our paths and every day we marvel and exist within the universe of our stars. One and the same, just spinning in different curves as we brush and encounter each other. 


¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°   ≥^.^≤   °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸


A man was walking along a beach after a storm. All along the beach there were starfish that had been thrown up onto the shore and were dying in the sun. As he walked along he came across a small boy. He watched as the boy picked up a starfish, walked into the waves and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he walked back, picked up another starfish and did the same again. When the man came across the boy he asked what he was doing. The boy replied that he was saving the starfish.

The man replied “But you couldn't possibly make a difference- there are thousands of starfish thrown up on the beach. You are just one boy.”

The boy picked up a starfish, walked into the waves and threw the starfish out as far as he could. Then he walked up to the man and said “Well, I just made the world of difference to that starfish.”


¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°   ≥^.^≤   °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸


Ideas are Divine



Closed eyes

lit up within from 


dancing imagery in waltz 

Emitting likeness and collecting 


as they step closer to each other

Trajectories brushing 



pairing and peeling


layers each a different luminescence

as they 


into another unified and 

kaleidoscopic life


モンスター!! : MONSTAaa's in Shodoshima... & Moxham at Aratoi!

TRAVEL: Different Strokes for Different Folks- but here's how I paint my adventures. Number 1 piece of advice: Travel sloooooowwww. People ask how I get into doing the crazy cool things I see and am involved in and I reckon it's because I travel SLOW. I initially do two nights usually when I get somewhere, and I often use one spot as a base and then travel from there. I go back roads, by instinct and am not afraid to decline an option and move onto the next if it doesn't feel right. Go down alleys and get out of the 'hub'; it's a tourist trap and it's going to cost like one too.

I read the map- keep it in the back of the brain until I need it, then go where feels best... and don't pull on it until I REALLY need it. I get 'lost' all the time and love it; 'lost' is someone else's home. Be nosey- investigate; enter with a smile, apologise and withdraw politely if the line has been overstepped. Talk to people. Listen to others stories but make your own on your own terms. Go for it like you die tomorrow but try spend like you live to 120. No-one has your personal energy or way that you will deal with a situation- trust in this, it will be why your experience can and will NEVER mirror someone else's. Fuck the guidebook- don't worry about missing the bus... actually I'm encouraging you TO miss the bus. 

Worry about what YOU are doing and not others opinion of it. Buy cosmetics in squeegee bottles/ sachets (Thank you Aesop you little beauty), Get rid of anything that comes under a header of 'rigid'- that includes ideas. Pack: take out 2/3's (think you can't live off this?!) and wish 1 month later you took 1/2 less again, wear comfortable shoes and laugh. For god sakes don't forget the last one- ever.

P.S: Check out how big the collections have grown on this post! 

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Moena Moxham Art is on display and for sale at the world class ARATOI Gallery Wairarapa- YEEoow!! Bronze, glass, embossings and prints are all available to view and purchase.

ARATOI Gallery Wairarapa

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SHODOSHIMA - Bangin Art and Island Life = Purrfect

MeiPAM Gallery

MeiPAM Gallery 4- there are two levels and 6 ROOMS! ^+^

Moving on from Naoshima Islands back across to Shodoshima Island in the direction of Hijime I came across THE COOLEST collection of galleries in Tonosho, Shodo-Island. MeiPAM have four locations around the village for you to find and explore... and one is a museum dedicated completely to MOSTERS! (EEeeeeeEEEIIIIIieieiei!!-- O.M.G- soo bloody cool!)

Inrō 印籠 with Netsuke 根付

My family collected Japanese antiques, artefacts and especially hanko stamps and Netsuke 根付 which are the small sculptures that hang with the Inrō 印籠 (which is a small multi-layered lacquered box) off the kimono. The are fantastically intricate, made and carved out of the most beautiful materials, and often depicted nature, animals or stories and deities.

These little sculptures are the precursors to the modern danglies we see hanging off cellphones and bags everywhere :)

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Wandering around the windy streets takes you to the four locales- you have a swipe card to enter and take your time through the exhibits. This relaxed atmosphere really adds to the whole experience. I loved chilling at the one below watching the video in the rocking chair ^=^

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There is lots to do in Shodoshima, The Olive Park and Marukin Soy Sauce Museum were superb, the Onsen at the Oliven a winner overlooking the islands and beaches from the hills- the only challenge at the moment if you are not bilingual is that everything is in Japanese. SO not quite as easy to navigate as the other islands which have had more time and money invested into their infrastructure. This is changing though- I stayed with Mitsu and her boys, whose new contract is to implement just this thing... and the friendliness, relaxed atmosphere and great things to do by far outweigh this blip.

The Setouchi Art Festival (Trienniale) coming in 2016 covers all the islands in this area and from what I have seen will be a must do! This coming theme is INDIA! WOOP!

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& to knock it off, a wee bit o' Moena Moxham Poetry....

NiNi Shodoshima ^-^